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Community Transportation Coordinator

The Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged designates a Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) for each county/service area. The CTC is responsible for coordinating and/or providing transportation services to individuals who are transportation disadvantaged. You are considered "transportation disadvantaged" if, because of age, income, or a disability, you cannot drive and do not have access to other transportation options.

This is a shared-ride service which, depending on location, may be provided using the fixed route transit or paratransit (door-to-door) service.  Advance reservations are required in order to ensure routes are developed in a cost-efficient manner.  A small fare from the rider may be required.

To find out if you are eligible, contact your CTC.

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Designated Official Planning Agency

Each county/service area has a Designated Official Planning Agency (DOPA) to assist the Commission, at the local level, in accomplishing the coordination of safe, efficient, cost effective transportation services to those who are transportation disadvantaged. The DOPA appoints members and provides staffing to the service area's transportation disadvantaged local coordinating board (LCB). The LCB is an advisory committee to the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC).

Together, the DOPA, LCB, and CTC develops the service area's Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP). The TDSP is a comprehensive analysis of the service area, identifies the transportation services available, and provides local service standards.

To learn more about your DOPA and/or LCB, contact your planning agency.

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