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Doing Business with the Commission

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How to Become a Transportation Provider

You must contact the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) within the county you would like to do business to inquire about becoming a local transportation provider. The Commission contracts with the CTCs only and does not contract directly with local transportation providers. To find out who the CTC is for the county you are interested in refer to our Community Transportation Coordinator. The CTC will provide you with the contracting requirements for becoming a local provider.

Learn More About Becoming a Transportation Provider

Resources for Community Transportation Coordinators

The links below will take you to the templates for business documents used by CTCs.

Resources for Designated Official Planning Agencies

The links below will take you to the templates for business documents used by Planning Agencies.

Population Forecasting

Annual Operating Report (AOR)

By September 15th of each year, Community Transportation Coordinators submit an Annual Operating Report of their operational statistics to the Commission for the previous state fiscal year. These operational statistics include system type, trip information, vehicle information, employee information, revenues, and expenses.

Annual Operating Report

Annual Performance Report (APR)

Annually, all Annual Operating Reports are compiled into one statewide Annual Performance Report. The report is then provided to the Governor, Speaker of the House, and President of the Senate by January 1st. The Annual Performance Report provides an overview of the program and a summary of performance trends statewide.

Annual Performance Report